Reflective Foil Insulation
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Alububble Foil Insulation
Alububble Insulation
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Reflective Foil Insulation
Reflective Foil Insulation
Alububble Foil Insulation
Foil insulation
Alububble Reflective Foil Insulation     Radiant Barrier   Vapour Barrier    Class 1 Fire Rating     Cost Effective      Easy To Use      Made in Ireland
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Dry Lining
Aluminium Foil Insulation
Insulation for walls
Container insulation
Insulated shipping container
Dry Lining
ALUBUBBLE makes an excellent drylining for damp walls with the added benefit of providing insulation to the wall. Thermal resistance = 1.455mēK/w with 20mm cavity to foil faces
HVAC Duct Insulation
Roof Insulation
ALUBUBBLE is ideal insulation / vapour barrier under metal roofs. Used instead of felt or other membranes it is fixed across the purloins and will act as a cost effective insulation. It helps prevent condensation and also helps keep buildings cool in summer. Ideal for farm buildings, warehouses, animal and poultry houses, sheds. Use it above trap doors, behind garage doors and around water tanks to help prevent heat loss.
Duct Insulation
ALUBUBBLE is very effective in wrapping pipes and ducting with cold sweaty pipes and air conditioning ducts benefiting most.
Container Insulation
ALUBUBBLE is widely used to line shipping containers to help maintain a stable temperature. We also manufatcture a more economical Thermal Bubble specially for this purpose.
Insualtion fitting tools
Fitting Tools
ALUBUBBLE is simple to install. All you need is a tape measure, scissors and staple gun. The is no need for any specialist equipment, breathing apparatus, protective masks or goggles.
Drylining for walls
ALUBUBBLE is ideal behind radiators.It reflects the heat back from the walls and improves the efficiency of your heating.
Simply cut to size and stick the
ALUBUBBLE to your wall out of sight behind the radiator.
Wall Battened and counter battened to create airspace on both sides of foil
ALUBUBBLE fixed directly to wall with battens and air space on one side only
4mm nominal
Roll width
Roll Length
25m - Area 30mē
0.03 - 0.04
Thermal Resistance
1.455mēK/w (with cavities)
Thermal Conductivity
0.125mēK/w (no cavity)
Vapour Resistance
Moisture Resistance
Full Barrier to liquid water
Fire Properties BS476 Part 1
Class 1
ALUBUBBLE Specification
Behind Radiator Insulation
Radiator Insulation
It is thought that as much as 70% of the heat produced by radiators is lost into the walls. ALUBUBBLE radiator panels significantly reduce this heat loss.
Roof insulation with foil bubble
Irish made insulation